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Taisyklės Suprantu

Montavimo sistema TRIC FLEX 4 ant žemės (10kW)

Prekės kodas:
1950,00 €
Pristatymo terminas: 14 dienos



The premium grade aluminum and stainless steel greenfield mounting system reduces your project costs on many levels: material, transportation and labor time. It is exceptionally versatile - also on difficult terrain.

High grade materials
Thanks to salt-water proof aluminum and stainless steel connection components ,TRIC flex is extraordinarily corrosion resistant.

Fast and simple setup
In comparison to common systems, TRIC flex four allows you to save up to 50% installation time, saving considerable labor costs - in part due to our patented module fastener TRIC clip

Low transportation costs
In particular for international projects, transportation costs are a decisive factor. Transporting the material and weight optimized aluminum system is roughly 30% cheaper than a comparable steel system.

Flexible adjustment
Whether as South or East-West variant: with its module angle between 0 and 45° and terrain slopes up 20° TRIC flex four is the perfect system even for difficult terrains.

Economic system costs
TRIC flex four is the mounting systems of choice for economic greenfield projects - not only because its affordable, but also because it reduces planning, transportation, installation and follow up maintenance costs.

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